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How important is good sex to a woman?

Women say that the most important quality in a man is his ability to sexually satisfy her.

Let that sink in…

What a woman wants from a man is really simple.

Combined with a woman not feeling cared about:

A poor sex life is the major reason for women ending relationships and having affairs.

Think about this…
A woman is in a relationship…
You are living together…
Shared friends/family…
Maybe even children too…

She has it ALL…
BUT she will so often risk losing this…

Because of her NEED to be sexually fulfilled.

why women cheat in relationships

Yes, this is a “need” it is deeply primal and woven into her very nature.

Traditional cultures have all focused on stopping this primal drive but it is still present in every woman’s DNA.

We are reproductive animals at our cores…

Next Question…why does she want another man?

Because her current man is not satisfying her.

Ouch, sorry, but I needed to say this clear and straight.

Now of course some women do stay in their relationships and not cheat…

In fact many do.

Especially in stricter cultures.
How to increase her sex drive
BUT, they are secretly unhappy and frequently fantasize about other men during sex with their boyfriends and husbands.

The fact this occurs so often for women of different ages and upbringings tells us how important sexual fulfillment is to women.

I do not want to scare you but reality is reality.

Both men and women are sexual creatures.

We are designed this way.

However, I have some better news for you…

Good sex with intense orgasms is FUNDAMENTAL to a woman’s happiness in life.

Most women will not admit this out loud because f cultural reasons.

BUT she is wired to want sex just like men are.

She has no choice about this.

Why are us men so bad at sex?

Us guys usually get sex education in school, right?
How to create the sexual spark in an old relationship
But this education” is about condoms, sperm and pregnancy.

Not about orgasms or how women experience sexual pleasure.

The next educator for most boys and men is watching porn, however, porn is made for guys to masturbate to not to give instructions on being good at sex.

This education isn’t about women’s orgasms or making sex enjoyable for a woman.

After interviewing 100’s of women, I can tell you that “everything” in the bedroom is NOT “fine”.

But it’s not our fault…

No one teaches us this stuff…

Do you think that your dad knows this stuff?

Ironically he is as much of a victim here as you are.

The reality is that we are not taught how to sexually satisfy women.

Not only is our generation of men clueless, women actually now expect more as well.

Facts are that women in this day and age expect good sex and will change men until they can get what they want.


Men often do not know what to do.


What they are doing already is actually bad.

So, let’s now talk about these mistakes men make that turn women off sex.

Learn about these mistakes here.

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