What Women Want – How To Make Sex Great For A Woman

Here are 3 things that ALL women want in the bedroom

I have personally spent YEARS investigating exactly what women want men to do in bed.

I am amazed at how similar these things are among all women.

It is biological, women have no choice but to crave and enjoy these sexual acts.

Women want a man to lead the sexual interaction.

Women’s natural role during sex is to passively accept or reject a man’s advances.

When in bed, you shouldn’t ask what position do you want to try next?

Or, what do you want to do next?

She does not want to make the decision, she wants you to make the decision.

Do something that she will like but don’t make her decide.

You must lead.

She gets turned on by you being a man, making decisions and taking the lead.

The mere act of you treating her like your sex play toy is arousing for her. How to female orgasm

Don’t do this every time you have sex but sometimes she NEEDS you to dominate her and use her like a piece of meat.

Women want a man to talk dirty to them and sometimes be rough with them.

Tell her how good it feels inside her, tell you that she’s “your woman for your pleasure.

Tell her that her pussy is your pussy and you’ll do anything you want to it.

Follow this up with some rougher sex, pin her down so she is helpless, spank her ass, hold her head firmly by the hair, apply gentle pressure to the front of her neck.

All of these actions will turn her on, she WANTS YOU TO LET OUT YOUR INNER CAVEMAN.

Sex is a primal instinctive act.

A woman doesn’t want this every time but all women want this some times.

A woman wants a man who knows her body and gives her full body eyes rolling back in her head orgasms.

Every time you have sex she wants to orgasm at least once.

If she says something like It’s ok I didn’t orgasm, it still felt good she is being polite to you. It does matter to her and it matters a lot.

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Let’s put you in her place.

Imagine this scenario. You get home from work, she jumps you, kissing you passionately and ripping at your clothes.

Within 2 minutes you are in bed, she gets on top and starts riding you, she has intense orgasm in about 2 minutes, she then stops, lays down, gives you a kiss then rolls over.


What about your cock?

You haven’t orgasmed yet!

She doesn’t care?

Well she might care, but it sure leaves you feeling used and unhappy with the encounter. If this happens every day, what will you do?

Like seriously this is sex for you for years.

Yes, you will do what she is doing now.

Only have sex when she feels forced into it just, so he will leave her alone.

What else?

Yep masturbation plenty of it

AND what else?

Maybe an affair. We all know how easy it is for women to get sex any time they want.

Reality is that most guys are pretty poor in bed.

So it doesn’t take that much extra technique or information to be better than most guys in bed.

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