How To Bring Out Your Man’s Inner Caveman In The Bedroom

How to bring out your man’s inner caveman in the bedroom…

Boring two minutes of missionary position again, when will it be over?

Sometimes you just want a man to step up his game and really unleash his caveman desires on you.

However, you, like many women might feel uncomfortable directly asking him to play this caveman role with you.

Aside from directly talking to him about the issue, the best way to help him to engage his caveman instincts is to act submissive and responsive thereby pushing him into the role of the dominant male in the bedroom.

Make him go caveman in bed

Submissive doesn’t mean just laying there like a starfish or anything “kinky”.

In this case, it means evoking a desire response from within his deep sexual wiring so he then leads the interaction.

So you are simply facilitating his natural instinct.

You are effectively cheering him on rather than directing him to be dominant towards you.

Playing an actively receptive role in a sexual encounter will trigger a primal response in all women and often most men, especially if he realizes what is going on.

This is purely for the bedroom. How you live life outside of the bedroom has nothing to do with this “role play” of sorts.

To help your man get in touch with that primal desire experiment with some of these techniques:

  • Tell him to hold the back of your head by the hair.
  • Place yourself in an ultra giving position in an ultra giving act. For example, have him stand and you drop to your knees.
  • Tell him to hold your hands down by the wrists and then “try” to escape as he has his way with you.
  • Get an under the bed restraint to tie you to the bed. anything goes.
  • Beg for him to do things to you. For example, “Baby, fuck me, please” or “I need you to fuck me, please just give it to me” or “please don’t stop” mixed with “I can’t take it anymore, please stop”.
  • Whispering in his ear “I’m so turned on by you right now, I’m so out of control.

Most couples find that the man gravitates to and feels most comfortable in the dominant role while the woman feels more at ease and gets turned on more in the submissive role.

This plays into what naturally turns us on so it shouldn’t take too much work to get him into this state.

Trying these tactics above will help ignite natural biological desires inside both of you.

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