Make your women beg you to give you more blow jobs without ever having to ask

Image of a woman about to give a man a blow job

Men love blow jobs.

Who wouldn’t want your beautiful woman to sucking your cock everyday?

The every morning blow job fantasy that men have is just that a fantasy.

Just for a moment though, let’s imagine the fantasy world.

The world where she sucks your cock every time you have sex.

And sometimes she blows you out of nowhere.

One day you are driving and she leans over and pulls your penis out & starts sucking it.

Or maybe you wake up one day to find her sucking your cock and playing with your balls.

I’m about to share with you how to get her to want to give you more blow jobs.

Making girls to want to give you a blow job every time you have sex

Firstly, when she does give you a blow job, you need to make her feel as if you really enjoyed and appreciated it.

This includes during and after receiving the blow job.

During getting sucked you want to say some sexy words of encouragement that let her know that you’re loving it.

Importantly, this will also turn her on as she blows.

She is getting rewarded so she enjoys the whole thing a lot more.

Try some basic lines like your lips feel so soft and sexy on my cock.

She will enjoy knowing that you are being pleasured so she wants to keep going.

Women want to know they are doing a good job, just like we do.

Woman giving a man a blowjob

Secondly, you need to train her to suck you well.

Some girls come fully trained but with most girls, you are going to have to tweak their technique a little bit.

WARNING: Giving any feedback or advice to her about how she sucks your cock can be like playing with fire.

It is easy for her to stop sucking forever because she doesn’t want to feel bad or to be criticized.

So you want to focus on the good things that she is doing now AND suggest some additional techniques on top of these compliments.

If she does something bad don’t mention it.

Just focus on the good stuff she is doing now and on the potentially good deeds, she could be doing as well.

REMEMBER: Women tend to respond better to positive feedback and are usually very attentive to these types of cues.

The leads into the most important way to get her to give you more head.


The number one reason women stop giving blow jobs?

Because she isn’t enjoying the sex you give to her so she stops giving you blow jobs.

It is a simple game of rewards and punishment.

You satisfy her and she satisfies you.

And is she doesn’t give to you as much as you give to her?

You need to replace her and this goes for all of the relationship not just in the bedroom.

I have spoken to so many women about this.

The most important reason why she isn’t blowing you as much as you want is that she isn’t herself being satisfied.

Woman giving a blow job

This is the most simple equation you will ever find.

If she is not enjoying sex, then she has no desire to please you either.

You give her the mind blowing red-hot orgasmic sex that she craves.

Then she wants to please you in return.

What’s the easiest way to please her?

First up make her orgasm with your mouth, then make her have an internal vaginal orgasm with your penis.

Some dirty talk, some rough play, and domination are good too.

So, it’s up to you.

If you want her to suck you during sex.

In the car.

On the sofa.

You need to make her satisfied first.

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If you are ready to start getting more blow jobs then you have come to the right place.

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