3 Things That All Men Want You To Do In The Bedroom

Here are 3 things that ALL men want a woman to do in the bedroom…

I have personally spent YEARS investigating exactly what men want women to do in bed.

I can tell you, I’m AMAZED at how similar these desires are among all men.

It does not seem to matter about their age, culture, background, etc. .

This all makes me think that what men want is hard wired in men from birth.

Men have no choice but to crave and enjoy these sexual acts.

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, men want a woman to take the lead in a sexual interaction.

Women’s traditional role during sexual activity is to accept or reject a man’s advances.

This predictable scenario boring for a man because he is limited to his own imagination.

It can also be a lot of pressure for men to “perform”.

By simply treating him like your play toy is very arousing for him.woman performs a sexy strip tease

Don’t do this every time you have sex but sometimes he NEEDS you to dominate him.

And it doesn’t have to always be for the whole sexual interaction, drop in or out of this role for an extra kick.

But don’t do it too often.

Men want a woman to talk dirty to them and to praise their sexual prowess, dominance, and general masculinity.

Tell him how good it feels when he’s inside you, tell him to give you his cock or to fill your pussy up with his cock.

Tell him that his cock is your cock and you’ll use it for your own sexual pleasure when and wherever you choose.

Really show him that you’re getting your rocks off by moaning and breathing heavily with pleasure.

Not fake porn star style moans – be in touch with the pleasure that you are receiving and show him this pleasure.

woman climbs on top of a man

A man doesn’t want this every time, yeah he wants to take you most of the time, but all men want it like this sometimes.

Sexual confidence in a woman turns a guy on.

Mixing this with seeing you get so much pleasure from him will make him remember every moment of the sexual encounter.

A guy may not communicate this desire to you, but he loves when you do this and it will be in his “spank bank” (things he thinks about when he is masturbating) for years even if you two break up in the future.

Yes, men do want to feel all caveman with a woman but too much of the same thing leaves him bored and looking for a new challenge.

This might come through porn and masturbation, chasing and sleeping with other women.

Reality is that most women are pretty poor in bed. So it doesn’t take that much extra knowledge to be better than most women in bed.how to talk dirty to a woman

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