How To Create That Spark In The Relationship So She Wants More Sex

Routine and predictability tend to bore the passion out of sexual relationships.

Nothing turns her sexual drive off more than having the same sex every time.

It’s night time, in bed, she’s on top, then you’re on top, then it’s over.

The same thing again?

And again.

And again.

When you first meet this is okay.

It is all new and exciting so she is into it…

However, over time this becomes less exciting, less fun, less exhilarating

What’s the end result for you?

Less sex for you and a woman who is less interested in sex with you.

Expect less blow jobs and eventually probably no blow jobs.

Expect that she won’t want to try new things in the bedroom.

If you have found yourself in these routines, you need to break this pattern.

Women LOVE surprises.

They get women excited and puts them in a fun mood.

So tell her to keep a particular night free then plan an old school date with her.

How to get more sex from your woman by making her feel hornierTell her to dress up but give her no other details.

She will get what is going on, you will see it in her face.

So you should keep a straight face.

Do not give in if she tries to beg you for details.

Shrug your shoulders and say you’re not sure what’s happening.

Congratulations, you have just penned in some seriously wild and passionate sex!

Now take her out as if it was your 2nd date and you had never had sex with her before.

Be romantic, pick a new place to eat, compliment her on her appearance, flirt with her, make an effort and be playful!

Act like you’re on a date and you barely even know her and that you are trying to impress her

All you need now is to be good at sex then she will want sex with you as often as you can handle.

If you are serious about this.

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