5 Mistakes

What is bad sex for a woman?

How to get more sex
If you make these mistakes, your woman will start to resent you.

You may lead your woman to start making excuses about not wanting to sleep with you.

You know when she has a “headache” or is just “tired”.

Women are never too tired for great and satisfying sex.


The top 5 reasons why men fail at sexually satisfying women.

#1 Ready steady blow!

Here’s a familiar scenario.

You get so excited to have sex that you skip any meaningful foreplay including limited kissing to go straight inside her.

It feels amazing, your body fills with that magical feeling.

Your instincts take over which make you thrust in and out quickly resulting in a rapid orgasm for you.

We have all been there, especially when we were younger, we don’t mean to put her pleasure as a second priority, but we can’t help it.

To be fair, we men often don’t even realize that we are putting her second, because we haven’t learnt otherwise.

After interviewing 100′s of women, I can tell you that she realizes it, and it matters.

It matters a lot.

What you need to know is that often when the wife or long-term partner decides they don’t want as much sex any more, this is usually the reason why.

Bottom line on this issue is that she won’t want to have sex with you again because she knows that she won’t be sexually satisfied.How to get a hard on

Would you want to have sex with her if she had an orgasm before you and then just stopped having sex before you shot your load?

No of course not, you would feel used and that she is being very selfish.

In other words, now you know how she feels.

The resentment builds over time and she retaliates by withholding sex while offering you untrue “excuses” to avoid having sex with you.

#2 Can’t get it up

Erection difficulties can also common but this is a little more complicated

Erection difficulties can be caused by many factors, but are most often linked to anxiety, nerves or something psychological.

However, the woman perceives the situation as being that you aren’t attracted to her and sometimes that there’s something wrong with you.

This makes her feel extremely uncomfortable, leading her to think that there is something wrong with her.

Longer term loving partners are going to work with you on this but the whole situation can be very stressful and can build on itself because it stops you from focusing on the task at hand.

#3 I’m getting mine

This is the case of the selfish or lazy male lover.

Concerned with his own orgasm he neglects her orgasms.

This issue is a little bit related to the first mistake I mentioned above but
usually involves lack of passion, too little or no kissing, little or no foreplay and little or no variety in where you have sex and how you have sex.

If this sounds about where you are now, you are doing a very good job at making her unhappy and maybe even driving her into the arms of another man.

#4 Expecting her to start and direct sex

This is more common early in (even before) a sexual relationship.

So what do I mean by this?

It means that you expect to be passive and allow her to “make the move” from initial physical contact, to kissing and all the way to sex and probably everything in between.

Expecting a woman to lead the sexual interaction is against her natural wiring.female orgasm

Yes, on occasion a woman wants to “take control” but see this as just a small part of an overall interaction that the man is driving, directing and LEADING.

A side note that I will return to later is that this point includes life in and out of the bedroom.

This is almost never the case when it comes to sex.

If you too often leave her to make decisions without your guidance she will lose sexual desire/attraction for you and the quality and quantity of sex will decrease rapidly with the usual ending.

No sex or just bad sex.

#5 Being predictable

This includes predictability in terms of physical movement/positions/order of activity/degrees of roughness/roles/degrees of romance/time of day you have sex/place you have sex etc.

I anticipate that at least some of these points are ringing true for you right

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