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About Ben Buckingham

Hi, it’s Ben Buckingham here.

I wanted to take a couple of moments to introduce myself and answer your probable question of “who are you and why are you an expert at sexually satisfying women”?

In reality, I’m just an everyday guy. After a failed 3 year relationship, I thought there was something I wasn’t quite getting about women and how to sexually satisfy them. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but something wasn’t quite right.

I started off just trying to get some insight into how women worked and how to satisfy them sexually…

I ended up spending almost 5 years reading, researching, interviewing and experimenting on this topic of sexually satisfying women.

I spoke to many many women (I conducted 264 formal recorded interviews) about what women enjoyed during sex and about their very best experiences with a man.

Women opened up to me and told me their fantasies, the sexual acts that turn them on the most, how they orgasm and what dirty talk lines turn them on. Women also described at the length to me the kinds of guys that turn them off sexually, and what behaviors guys do that make them not want sex.

In other words: this is all about how guys mess it up in the bedroom. I got so many priceless insights from these women, stuff I probably could never have worked out on my own.

I also chased up many men who women had told me were amazing in bed. I got to speak to many of these guys, and what they told me blew my mind. Most of it barely made any sense to me at the start, and much of what these men do was the exact opposite of what I was doing.

By the end of all of this, I could see that the average guy doesn’t understand women, their bodies, their orgasms or what turns women on. Women actually aren’t that complicated when you understand them. They are quite predictable and even easy to make happy. BUT – they are entirely different to men. What they want in bed, what turns them on and how they get off are all totally different to men. This is where the average guy gets it wrong. Problem is that most guys are doing this blind. (Friends and porn are terrible teachers, by the way.)

As we both know there are a lot of gimmicks out there, and people promising all kinds of things: everything from making your penis bigger, harder and longer to other ridiculous claims that manipulate us into clicking on their spammy advertisements. And I know that I could charge a lot more for my material, but I don’t because I want to help as many men as possible. Why? Because I know how it feels to not know what I am doing with a woman.

Do I know all of the answers?

No, I don’t know everything. I don’t know all the answers to sexually satisfying women, but I have worked out a lot of the answers. A hell of a lot of the answers. And I know that these answers help me a lot when it comes to sexually satisfying a woman.

“Why should I believe you”?

You shouldn’t just blindly believe what I say.  Try the information on my website first and see the results for yourself. Even better – ask women their opinions on my material.

I’m serious – find a sexually aware woman and show her some of my videos and wait for her response. 99.5% of women will be like “wow, this guy ‘gets it’”.

Before you look at my books, I want to tell you that all of them have a 100% money back guarantee good for 60 days from the time of purchase. If your ability to enjoy sex and pleasure women does not increase significantly in that time then I’ll personally refund you all of your money with no questions asked.

Only after you’ve seen this stuff work in the real world do I want you to believe what I’m saying.

I’m just a normal person, and as a person I’m not perfect and I’m not an all knowing sex god. But I know my information is the best out there and will improve your skills in sex beyond belief. I honestly hope that it will help you in your life.

Ben Buckingham Signature

– Ben Buckingham

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Sex Interviews With Women

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