Squirting Orgasm Program Includes Multiple Orgasms

I present groundbreaking information, In this 13 part video series.

BUT you need to watch the vaginal orgasms program before you watch this program.

Video 1 I explain what exactly is a squirting orgasm, the contents of the female ejaculate and the fact that the squirting is actually separate from the orgasm.

One key ingredient of a woman’s ejaculate fluid actually increases her chance of getting pregnant. Women typically squirt first and this signals the beginning of the orgasm.

Video 2 I discuss whether or not all women can squirt and how different the squirting experience is for each woman.

Video 3 I delve into great depth about why a woman hasn’t squirted and how you can be the one to make her have a squirting orgasm.

Video 4 I share with you some vital information in incredible depth form my own life.

This information is overlooked and not known by guys who just want to use technique but are integral to making her squirt.

Video 5 I explain how dirty talk is a key ingredient into a woman squirting. I tell you what to say and how to say it.

Video 6 I share my secret foreplay techniques that get her inches away from squirting before you even use specific squirting techniques. these are the very best techniques that I have mastered over many years.

Video 7 I show you all of my squirting techniques. I have refined and tested these with many women who couldn’t squirt. They can now.

Video 8 I will teach you how to make a woman squirt from penis penetration and have her gushing all over your cock.

Video 9 I share with you my two favorite sex toys to give your woman a squirting orgasm in record time.

Video 10 When a woman squirts, especially for the first time, it is a big deal and can be quite overwhelming for her.

I teach you how to handle it right so she feels secure, happy and cared for.

Video 11 I show you my strength and training techniques that increase the endurance in your fingers, hands, and arms so you can finger her as long as you need too without having to stop because your arm is sore.

Video 12 Empower her pussy so you can give her the most intense orgasms of her life.

Video 13 Multiple orgasm bonus. I will teach you how to give your woman multiple orgasms. Multiple orgasms does not mean more than one orgasm.

This simply a number of single orgasms. An actual multiple orgasm is effectively one continuous orgasm with several orgasm peaks each going for longer than the previous one.

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