Vaginal Orgasm Video Series

How to give your woman a penetration vaginal orgasm.

70% of women do not have a vaginal orgasm during sex.

Clit orgasm?

Yes, this is the easy option that couples take.

This is because so many men consistently fail to give their woman a penetration orgasm.

Every woman I have ever spoken to about the difference between clit and vaginal orgasms say the same thing.

A clit orgasm is like a local pleasure. Meaning that she feels the pleasure in her vagina.

A vaginal orgasm is a full body pleasure. Meaning she feels it all over.

In this 15 part video series I present groundbreaking information.

Video 1 I discuss the fact that the ultimate lovers know how to psychologically arouse a woman.

This is the secret to giving her the deep vaginal orgasms she so desperately needs.

Video 2 I discuss why men and woman orgasm and what specifically arouses us and why.

When you understand these principles you will see why you are currently not able to make your woman orgasm vaginally.

Video 3 – Physical techniques to maximize her orgasmic potential. I address common mistakes that men make and how to correct these.

Video 4 – The secret of your ovulation cycle and what it means for her and her orgasms.

Video 5 – Wiring in her orgasms for women who can not orgasm at all or really struggle to orgasm regularly.

Video 6 – Wiring in her vaginal orgasms by understanding her clitoris orgasms.

Video 7 I delve into great depth about how to make women orgasmic naturally. Knowing, understanding and implementing what I teach here makes a woman closer to orgasm long before you two get physical.

Video 8 I outline the 14 specific things about men that turn women on. I tell you how to use these to your advantage so that women are more likely to want to have sex with you and much more likely to orgasm when they do.

Video 9 I explain an exercise for you so that you can better understand the points made in videos 3 and 4. These signals are all around.

It is like there is a secret language being used between sexually desirable men and all women. Once you see how it works you are in the game and able to make women orgasmic towards you.

Video 10 Women use unconscious ways to determine if they want to have sex with men.

I teach you the 7 mistakes that men make that make women not want sex and to make them less orgasmic if you do have sex with them.

I give a quick fix so you stop making these common but simple mistakes. I guarantee that you have no idea you are making these mistakes.

Video 11 I reveal why women are orgasmic and how you can use this information to make her orgasmic with you.

Video 12 I show you that your thinking about women, sex and orgasms is all wrong. Once you make this breakthrough you will stop limiting yourself and what you can do to a woman.

Video 13 I go through the 7 things that women do to stop themselves having a vaginal orgasm and she doesn’t even realize. I then show you exactly how you can prevent her from sabotaging her own orgasms.

Video 14 I give you the exact formula for making a woman have a vaginal orgasm.

I give you specific play by play examples from my own life experiences where I have given women their first vaginal orgasm.

I also spend some time troubleshooting and going over all of the details that you need to know.

Video 15 The final word from me including the ethical responsibility of making women orgasm vaginally.

Given the intense nature of vaginal orgasms women get very emotional after having a vaginal orgasm. I show you how to handle it.

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