How To Give A Girl An Orgasm (How To Make A Girl Orgasm)

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How to give your woman a vaginal orgasm during sexual intercourse

Orgasm tips to make your woman a very happy girl

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Orgasms are mainly psychological. Although I teach a lot of stimulation techniques and where to touch and play with. Her orgasm is ultimately an attempt for her to get pregnant to the right guy. This is linked to psychological arousal. So before you even touch her you want to get her as close to an orgasm as humanly possible. If you do this she will require less manual stimulation of her pussy. She will orgasm more intensely than usual and she will be more likely to orgasm more than once. Winning!

Remember it is about the journey more than the destination. Whereas for men we just want to shoot a load and be done with it. She wants an emotional rollercoaster of thrills, spills and arousal. This is what an orgasm is for her. a truly fulfilling orgasm.

Once she is dripping wet and I mean so wet she is almost (probably embarrassed) then you can start rubbing her pussy. I suggest trying her clitoris first, this is located at the top of her pussy and is a super sensitive little button that is purely orgasmic.

Different women have different degrees of sensitivity, so make sure you start slowly with soft clitoral stimulation then slowly build up. One finger and soft motions over her well-lubricated clitoris.