How To Finger A Woman Video Instructions

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How To Finger A Woman Video Instructions to teach you how to finger her for HER pleasure and her orgasm to keep her coming back for more. Learning how to finger a woman is about understanding how her body works, where the sensitive areas are and how she achieves orgasm and how she is aroused. The video instruction guide below explains each of those things. Firstly the actual fingering technique. It is not your goal to replicate a penis with your fingers. your fingers are far more skilled than your penis will ever be. You need to learn about her clit which is outside of her pussy hole. Her clitoris plays no part in reproduction and exists purely for her pleasure and for her orgasm. Fingering a woman should almost always involve clitoral stimulation. Initially, you should not have direct finger contact with her clit but should make indirect contact. It may be she can eventually take more direct contact but for a starting point test to see how well indirect is working for her. Watch the video that will teach you how to finger a woman the right way.