Tinder Guide

Ok, so I have been really quiet the last few months.

No new YouTube videos, no emails, nothing.

What have I been doing?

Quite frankly, I have been having absurd amounts of Tinder dates.

With a lot of different women.

I will not give you the dirty details.

And unlike many sneaky guys, I was 100% honest about what I wanted from each woman the whole time.

It has been a great experience.

And it has all been done online.

However, it started off terribly.

And Ended up being quite an ordeal and journey.

I started off downloading Tinder for the first time in a quite a few years.

I was ready for some FUN…

Guess what?

Nothing happened.


I mean I uploaded some photos from my Instagram account and that I had on phone and wrote a quick bio and started to swipe.


Something had changed since several years ago when I last used this app.

It had gotten so…well…difficult.

Hellooooooooo, is this app even working??

I was swiping, swiping, swiping

Getting really excited…look at all of these beautiful and interesting women!

Can’t wait to match and chat with these lovely ladies…

Explore my new found freedom…

What happened at the start?!?!?!


Literally nothing.

I was invisible.

Not a single match.

Ok, let me try another app….Bumble!



The same result!

WTF is going on!!!

In total 3 matches.

These were women of higher enough quality.

I guess Tinder just does not work for me?

I spoke to some friends about this.

They all had essentially the same experience.

Tinder is supposed to be a hook up app, so who is doing the hooking up???

I was clearly missing something.

But then all of my friends who had had recent experience with online dating were also missing something…

I spoke to female friends of mine and looked at their Tinder accounts.


Like seriously…


They had seemingly endless matches.

I drove one of their accounts for like 5 minutes and basically every guy I swiped right on I instantly matched with.

And this friend of mine is just an everyday looking woman.

So I started researching and found that the gender ratios of active users (not registered users like Tinder will quote in public) on Tinder were anywhere from 2 men to 1 woman up to 9 men to 1 woman, depending which country you are in.


Now I get it.

The guys were fairly good looking.

Well better than me for the most part.


Better physiques.

But, really, I have to say that the profiles that she was matching with weren’t actually that great at all.

Like, they weren’t doing anything special or interesting to really stand out.


I searched up “most popular male profiles on Tinder”.


Now I actually do get it…

These guys aren’t actually good looking AT ALL.

So I studied the photos from the top 20 profiles and worked out what they had in common.


I set about trying to craft my own photos.

I learned about styling, fashion and photography.

Over the course of 2 months I had 4 extensive photo shoots.

I took almost 5000 photos in total and learned about what works and what doesn’t work and which kind of women are attracted to which kinds of photos.

I tested countless photos and over 60 bios.

I kept testing and refining as I slowly became visible.

I kept learning and testing over the course of many months.

Yes, I became a little obsessed.

With over 1000 matches across 7 apps, I then created the perfect messaging system.

I learned how to start and keep a conversation going that was fun and interesting for both her and I.

I learned to avoid the same conversation starters that most guys use like “hi” and “hey, how are you today”?

I also spent endless hours hijacking my female friends’ Tinder accounts to see exactly what other guys are doing.

I documented every step of the way.

I created a structure from my own experience that any guy can use to meet women online.

Even when the odds are 9 men to 1 woman.

How to create genuine and authentic conversations where you can effectively showcase yourself and your personality so that you can stand out from the crowd.

I do not want you to use cheesy pick up lines or anything dishonest or misleading

I want you to be yourself and to let her choose you

I give a whole heap of photo examples and explain exactly why they work.

I pick a ton of random guys profiles and explain why they are bad and then rewrite them, so you can see the system in action.

I also show you pages and pages of screenshots from my messages where I again break down every little detail of what she said and what I said and why.

This is foolproof.

251 pages in total

Can you believe that I only want $67 from you to share all of my experience and knowledge?

Mind BLowing Lover Ebook

100% satisfaction or 100% of your money refunded, no questions asked.

I know what I am offering and I know it is the best information available anywhere for men on how to successfully date women online.

I will honor this promise for an entire 60 days after your purchase, go away and try it out, I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Email me at benbuckingham44@gmail.com

Mind BLowing Lover Ebook