Step By Step Guide To Doing A Strip Tease

A step by step guide to drive your man wild with a sexy striptease ;)

This is an extract from Mind Blow Lover Women’s Edition by Ben Buckingham.

Strip teasing and lap dancing guide to drive him crazy.

Strip teasing is just another way to tease him and make him want you.

Make sure you dress in several layers because you want a lot to take off.

Make sure you wear high heels/stilettos (preferably that go to your knees) and ultra sexy lingerie.

Set him up in a chair and dim the lights. Make the whole thing an experience rather than you just stripping in your lounge room or bedroom.

Don’t tell him what you are up to. Just lead him to the chair and tell him to “sit”.

Put on some music that will get you in the mood and make you feel sexy and to get down and dirty. Everything you do should be deliberate and slow.

Drag the process out as long as possible to increase his desire and sexual tension…

As the strip tease evolves you can start to touch him a little.

You can slowly increase the touching as you progress BUT don’t let him touch you, unless it is under very specific instructions.

Start off slow, walk away from him step by step, very slowly, then turn around and give him the look.

Walk like a model with your feet following each other in a line, i.e. not the normal shoulder length apart.

This serves to naturally enhance your feminine curves.

Use your fingertips to stroke yourself all over, tug at your clothes and concentrate your efforts on areas that are your best assets and that he finds the sexiest.

Frequently toss your hair around from the force of throwing your head and from flicking it with your hands.

How to do a sexy strip tease for your man

Make intermittent eye contact for a few seconds at a time.

Stripping is about confidence in yourself and your sexiness, the occasional locking of eyes extends this sentiment.

Frequently focus on the article of clothing that you are about to remove.

If it’s your shirt that’s about to come off then play with it, lift it up a little then play with your skin underneath.

Pull at the clothing article.

Frequently arch and roll your back to exaggerate your natural curves.

When standing, have your legs opened so your feet are a little wider than your shoulders.

Bend at the knees and lean your body weight forward while leaning your hands on your knees.

Then make a sideways figure 8 movement with your ass, really roll it out.

Show him your body from all angles, this includes frequently getting down on all fours, again on different angles.

Removing your bra should also be a drawn-out process, with your back facing him, undo your bra but hold the cups to your breasts.

Turn around to show him before turning back around to face away from him.

Drop your bra on the floor covering your breasts with your hands again.

Turn around while holding/pressing/squeezing your breasts, now turn back around and let go of your breasts.

Finally, turn back to him so he can see you.

Face him with your back pressed against a wall. Move up and down while making your body snake from side to side.

Forcefully push yourself away from the wall and walk towards him with purpose.

Your panties can be taken off in a number of ways, try facing away or towards him, tucking your thumbs into the band of your underwear near your hips.

Bend forward at the hips while keeping your back straight and wiggle your legs as you lower your panties to the floor.

At the end of this flick/kick your panties towards him.

This presents a basic order of proceedings but so much of what you do when performing to him like this is about what you are feeling and what makes you feel sexy.

Experiment but not too often, you want to keep it a treat for him.

Let’s now move on to sexual technique.

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