Here’s a scenario you might find familiar.

Sex in your relationship starts off full of passion and you’re having sex all the time.

But over time sex becomes predictable, routine and less frequent.

Sex isn’t as intense and passionate as it first was.

Although you don’t enjoy it as much as before you still want to have sex, but sometimes your girlfriend, wife or lover seems less into it.

Sometimes she doesn’t want to have sex at all.How to get a hard on

You want sex but it seems like a chore for her, which is frustrating for you.

This often progressively gets worse and the amount of sex you’re having decreases even more.

Often one or even both people have an affair and/or the relationship ends.

I know you don’t want to read this but it is a simple fact.

All of my research and experience leads to this controversial, disturbing and uncomfortably logical conclusion.

I am about to give you some tips so you can break this cycle and go back to having hot sex whenever you want it, that you will enjoy and that she will be thinking about all day until she sees you at night.

How to keep the passion and desire in your sex life…

This is simple, all you need to do is implement…How to get more sex

Every time you have sex, make it unique.

Guys get hung up on different positions but it is more important where you have sex and when you have sex.

If you are going to bed at 10pm every night and having sex in bed, this is boring and not cool at all.

Try having sex in the morning or at other times when she isn’t expecting it.

Second most important thing is the order that you do things during sex.

So if you kiss, undress, finger, she gets on top, you get on top and it’s all routine and habit, then you need to change this up immediately.

Make some sessions about oral sex, make some more about kissing and hands, have a quickie in the kitchen, give her an erotic massage.

Anything you did as a teenager or at college age is still hot. In the car, lots of foreplay and fun all the time!

The most important thing to remember here. THIS IS THE KEY – never do the same thing twice in a row, always change it up. She wants amazing fun exciting sex or no sex at all.

Don’t whinge about it, complain or try to beg her, she is hard wired this way, so just deal with it and get on with having great sex again.How to get a hard on

If you make sex spontaneous, fun, exciting, thrilling and of course make her orgasm EVERY TIME, then she will want sex everyday, often more than once a day.

It is this simple.

If you want to get serious about this topic so you can revive your sex life into the dynamic passionate sex that it used to be then it’s time to read my ebook.

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