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4 mistakes men make in the bedroom that put her off sex

http://www.mindblowinglover.com Learn how to kiss video so you can learn how to avoid the worst kissing mistakes that guys can make with girls. Ben Buckingham will teach you how to kiss properly with kissing tips videos.

Hey guys, Ben Buckingham here and after several subscriber requests for a how to kiss video, here it is with the 6 must do’s and must don’ts of kissing for guys.
1) Most kissing sessions should start off slowly and softly with no tongue then gradually introduce the tongue slowly but never let it take over completely. Let the kissing warm up as your desire warms up
2) You need to touch and physically engage while you’re kissing your lover. kissing isn’t just about the mouth there is passion and desire slowly escalating so you need gentle holding and touching that is consistent with the kind of kissing that are engaging in. For example, if you are kissing softly, then gently touching the side of her head or face or gently holding her body is appropriate, as the kissing gets more heated and passionate so will the touching, caressing and everything else between you guys.
3) If it’s your first kiss with a girl you might feel tense and nervous, sadly this can show through your body and mouth, tense tight lips and too firm a grip on her are tell-tale signs that you’re nervous and are a real turn off for her. It isn’t fun to kiss iron lips so chill out.
4) Mix it up don’t just do the same thing over and over, it is unusual to do the same motion for more than say 15 seconds, but as you hit pro level it is often unusual to do the same motion for even 10 seconds in a row so go with the rhythm and really feel each other as you kiss. It is a process of exploration and engagement and experiment.
5) How firm should you have your tongue? Well too soft and you’re like a puppy dog soft weak and wet and too hard and it’s uncomfortable for her, so somewhere in between is what you want. Remember kissing is like a dance, it needs rhythm and connection, it is not two random mouths moving but a very engaging activity.
6) One last tip is to be careful not to block her nose during the kiss, it is difficult to breathe through your mouth when kissing but sometimes guys get too excited and they press too hard against her face and block her nose. Apart from the obvious lack of oxygen it shows her that you are out of touch with her.