How To Touch Vagina

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4 mistakes men make in the bedroom that put her off sex

VIDEO – How to touch vagina? This video demonstration shows you exactly what to do when leading up to touching her vagina and then exactly how to touch her vagina when she is ready. First mistake guys make when touching their woman is to touch her vagina too fast and too soon. Just wait a bit, let the suspense build for her! every other guy goes straight for her pussy, she wants some teasing! Don’t just give it to her! Watch this video for some tips on how to touch her pussy so that she receives pleasure not just you getting your fingers wet. Then when you do touch her, do so indirectly because she is often very sensitive on her clitoris which is just above her vaginal hole. The key to touching her pussy is to start off more gentle and sense how much more she can take, but always start soft and light or it may be too much for her. Then start to rub her pussy in a circular motion circling around her clit. Watch the video for more details.