How To Screen Women For A Long Term Relationship

“Love is blind”

Another way of interpreting this famed quote is that when we are filled with
hormones we lose our ability to make a sensible logical and objective judgment.

I know this might sound cynical when written out so coldly.

However, this is precisely what this saying means.

And this is exactly what this book provides: frank, honest and straightforward
information about screening for high quality women who will make high quality
wives and mothers.

Without the fog of sexual or bonding hormones and without the fear of loneliness
or of “losing her”.

For too many people, the decision about getting into a relationship involves
nothing more than fleeting short term feelings.

This leads to behavior patterns, familiarity and hormone induced bonding.

Don’t get me wrong, these short term feelings are important.

You need to feel some sexual and romantic desire for your future wife.

Indeed, this is a very natural process that has been bonding couples for millenia.

This however feels good in the short term but can leave you in a terrible life
situation if you have not made an objective assessment of her character.

In other words “love” wears off and you are left with another human being whom
you are sharing your life with.

You want this human being to have similar goals, priorities and values to you or it
will simply fail.

You want her to be emotionally stable and well adjusted.

Success in relationships and even successful coordination of divorces depend on
the character of both people involved.

Your goal is to find a mentally healthy well adjusted woman.

We are wired with powerful bonding hormones that drive us to bond with the
woman that we are sleeping with or in some cases that we want to sleep with.

Giving a woman sexual pleasure is as much about emotion as it is about

The goal of this book is to add some objectivity to your emotions and bonding
hormones and to hopefully lead to more balance in your long term romantic

This can increase the chances of you entering into a lifelong committed
relationship that both you and her want to be in.

This relationship will have maximum chance of being high functioning and to
create a great platform for both of you to raise a family together.

After I wrote the first draft of this program, I decided to look up what other authors
and content creators were saying on this topic.

After all, I certainly did not coin the term or concept of a “red flag”.

I was shocked at how unperceptive and frankly quite useless that most content
on this topic was.

Most advice was based around avoiding certain personality traits.

However, the big problem with this well meaning advice is that one requires
considerable time to learn whether someone has these traits or not.

The point of a red flag is to determine whether or not someone has these
personality traits in the first place.

The idea is that we want to know about these traits without spending months or
even years getting to know her.

So the question is:

What clearly visible behavior or life situation does she have that warns us that
she has these undesirable personality traits?

These flags need to be simple and easy to observe so that we can quickly screen
women without having to get to know everything about them.

It turns out that people who are poorly adjusted show this in what seem to be
superficial and insignificant ways.

They show this with surface level behaviors.

These red flags are accurate so that we screen out the inappropriate women and
screen in women who might be better suited to longer term relationships.

This of course is no easy feat but life experience and considerable research has
allowed me to compile these early indicators of poor personality traits.

While I was looking at other creators content on this topic, a typical example of
advice that I found was:

“Don’t date a narcissistic cheater!”

Wow great advice, how the f**k did you know that??

Of course dating a narcissistic cheater is totally undesirable but no one starts
dating someone then makes this judgment and then enters a relationship.

By the time you know it is too late…

Problem – if you want to determine if she is narcissistic, by the time you work it
out you have probably already been with her for several months or even several

Indeed many men do not know who they are really dealing with until they are in
the divorce courts.

The issue that you will then face is that you are now bonded to her and you have
something to lose if you end the relationship.

Loss = pain and anyway you enjoy her company most of the time right?

Also you get to take regular sex.

At least for a while.

This sets us up to explain away the red flags and just continue dating the person

After all you “know her” and “she is not like that”.

Again, these so-called red flags such as “do not date a narcissist” aren’t really
red flags because you are in too deep by the time that you work them out.

Furthermore, women know on some level some of the traits that men want in a
long term partner and can fake these traits when you first meet her.

In contrast, the red flags which I have formulated in this book are early indicators
that she can’t easily fake and that you don’t need much time to work out if she
has them or not.

Therefore you can quickly screen her out without spending months or years with
her and face the chance of putting on your love glasses and ignoring the red
flags once you start seeing them.

You don’t want to be invested in her or sexually active with her for too long
because those bonding hormones will do their job and you won’t be able to make
the decision that you might need to make.

Also, who wants to waste your time getting to know a woman that won’t go
anywhere or is potentially dangerous for you?

I quickly realized that this program that I was writing and that you are now
reading is very different to anything else out there.

However, I am worried about how efficient and effective this program is.

Will viewers appreciate the gravity of my observations?

I ask this question because some of my observations sound really quite simple
and it is easy to not recognise or comprehend the power behind them.

Unless, of course, you have the incredible experience that I have.

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