How To Make Women Squirt Video

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4 mistakes men make in the bedroom that put her off sex
VIDEO – How To Make Women Squirt Video from Ben Buckingham. Watch as I show you how to make women squirt using fingering techniques that arouse her g spot inside her vagina. I use a rubber model to show you step by step what to do to your woman to make her squirt from her pussy in an intense squirting orgasm. The key to making women squirt is the stimulation you give to her g spot. Her g spot is about 2 inches inside her vagina on the northern wall and becomes coarse when a woman is aroused. A simple rubbing motion as shown in this video that presses her g spot and builds her towards having a g spot squirting orgasm. For many women, these squirting orgasms are more intense than normal g spot orgasms and clitoral orgasms. Also, she will think you are the man if you can make her squirt on demand.

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