How To Lick A Girl Out Video

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This video shows you the exact steps to licking a girl out. After watching this demonstration you will know exactly how to lick a girl out and to make her orgasm intensely from this cunnilingus. The 3 key lessons to learn if you want to know about licking girls out are

1) Built anticipation by making it seem you are about to lick her pussy but then you pull away (watch video for more details)
2) Second step to learn when licking pussy is to concentrate on her clitoral region to make her orgasm. Experiment with different motions but make sure you are gentle and that you are consistent with your contact, otherwise she won’t be able to orgasm.
3) Finally, if she hasn’t had at least 1 orgasm in 8 to 10 minutes you may need to finger her pussy hole too. In particular concentrate on her g spot which is about 2 inside her vagina pointed upwards.

Watch the video for more detail on the above summary teaching you how to lick out a girl.


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