Overcoming Performance Anxiety With Some Simple Techniques You Can Use Tonight

Nervousness and anxiety about sexual performance is something we wish would just disappear.

Sadly almost all men suffer from this issue at some stage in their lives.

You’re getting naked with a major hottie…

She’s so sexy and wet for you, and your man down there is NOT coming to the party.

Usually, this is because of some fear, either about your penis not being big enough, worry about cumming too quickly or not being able to orgasm.

Perhaps you are feeling self-conscious about your body or weight which is even more likely if she is gorgeous.

You try to get hard, you pull your cock, she tries sucking it, but….nothing.

It’s so frustrating because she is so beautiful, it’s embarrassing for us as men, but meanwhile, she thinks that you’re not attracted to her.

You end up feeling stupid and like less of a man.How to have sex with a woman

Then starts a self-perpetuating cycle:

You become anxious about not performing and you start to build it up in your head.

You worry about it long before you even need to get hard.

The issue is that you are putting her on a pedestal.

She is just a person. Her pussy works like any other girls. She takes a poop just like the rest of us and guess what? It sticks too…

She will only think she is better than you if you think that.

And if you have performance anxiety in this way then it seems that you might think that “you are not worthy”.

To help with this you need to relax and realise that that’s it’s just a basic animalistic behaviour.

I have found that deep breathing exercises and getting in touch with your masculine hormones can help immensely.

Both of these techniques stop you stressing out and allow you to indulge and live in the moment.

Start with some basic breathing techniques.

Breath in through your nose and out of your mouth. Control your breathing so that it takes 3 seconds to breathe in and 3 seconds to breath out.

Take a couple of minutes to get in a relaxed state. Then you need to start embracing your sexual desire.

Feel your hormones rush through your body as you become aroused.

Think of nothing else, just enjoy and indulge in feeling like a sexual man.

During this time visualize yourself having sex and focus on the feelings it gives you.

Don’t think about your cock, just let nature do its thing and stop stressing out and over thinking it.

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The above is a bit of a short-term fix.

Ultimately you are concerned that she won’t be happy with the sexual moment that you are about to share.

So, if this is true, then the best way to give yourself a shot of permanent confidence is to make sure you can give her intense pleasure and orgasms.

This is all that she wants, but she can’t find a man who can give it to her the way she wants it, sorry, the way she NEEDS it.

Worrying about your cock is a little bit childish, your best concern is thinking about pleasuring her.

This is regardless of your cock, a man who makes a woman orgasm first makes her always come back for more.

In fact make her orgasm many times with your fingers, mouth and eventually your cock and what do you think she thinks about you?


There is a massive power swing because now you are the valuable rare commodity.

If you knew she wanted to keep coming back for more, do you think you would feel more confident with her?

Damn right you would, with this anxiety gone, you are mentally free from your insecurities and POW there’s your hard-on back again.

Making her cum through her clit and within her vagina can lead to multiple orgasms if you know how.

I expand on this in great detail in my ebook and give you an incredibly detailed playbook on how to make her orgasm consistently.

I’ve seen issues of performance and not lasting long enough disappear in myself and in countless men I have helped with my techniques.

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