How To Handle It When You Lose Your Erection

Losing your erection during sex can be embarrassing, but she is more worried about how you handle the situation….

Losing your erection or not being able to get a hard-on at all is not cool.

You feel like you’re less of a man and it is very frustrating. You worry about what she will think about you as well.

Research from the University of Illinois suggests that more than half of men experience this issue at some stage in their life and it often occurs with younger guys as well as older guys.

How do most guys handle this?How to last longer in bed

Like frightened little boys!

They start stimulating themselves or try to get the girl to masturbate or suck them

You might say something like “sorry about this, it doesn’t usually happen, must be (insert excuse)”.

She knows you’re lying to her and your frantic attempts to resuscitate your cock make you look insecure and desperate.

So what to do?

On one hand, she is probably feeling like you aren’t attracted to her.

Then, on the other hand, you are concerned about her level of sexual satisfaction with you.

Given these two points, the perfect thing to do is forget about your cock and go about pleasuring her.

Finger her, go down on her, talk dirty to her like she has never experienced.

Give her an intense orgasm with amazing sexual technique and she will soon forget your issue.

Hearing her orgasm may even spring some life into your penis as you get turned on by hearing her cum.

How to last longer in bed

Long term issue?

If this problem persists you are part of the 15-20% of the male population that has some ongoing issues down there.

Let me tell you that research from sexologists suggests that the issue is either psychological or physical.


You are stressed, depressed, tired/fatigued, anxious about your performance, guilty about what you’re doing and heaps more.

Psychological issues might be work-related or something else that you are aware of that can be changed.


These can be specific diseases such as Peyronie’s disease but are likely to be lifestyle related.

For example, excessive drug use, smoking, alcohol, vascular conditions etc can all give you erection issues.

Physical issues are easily fixed, cut out processed foods, drink more water and exercise with some vigor at least 4 times per week for 30 minutes or more.

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