5 Best Tips To Make You Last Longer During Sex

According to Men’s Health magazine the average guy lasts 6 minutes with 75% of guys wanting to last longer.

6 minutes!

No wonder the vibrator industry is thriving…

To be fair, an experienced and effective lover can satisfy any woman more in 6 minutes than the average man could in an hour.

However, when you know how to last as long as you want to and have your penis under total control, your confidence grows.

Those feelings of insecurity and embarrassment disappear…

You stop worrying about your performance and how to make sex longer…How to last longer in bed

You gain your confidence back. Confidence is the number 1 turn on for all women – period.

So here are some simple techniques to make sex last longer for men.

You can use these tonight to make you last longer in the bedroom.

1) Change positions often.

If you kneel there pounding her from behind in doggy style, it’s pretty obvious you won’t last a couple of minutes.

So change positions (staying away from “finish positions” such as doggy style) often during sex and extend the time between positions with passionate kissing.

2) Implement the “she cums first” principle.

Make sure you make her cum by fingering her or through giving her amazing oral sex.

Reality check – if she has orgasmed already, she doesn’t care how long you last in bed.Mind Blowing Lover Newsletter arrow

Knowing this takes the pressure off of you.

This technique also keeps you hard without orgasming while you are busy going down on her.

This helps trains you to stay aroused and hard without blowing your load.

3) Slap her pussy or ass with your penis.

You have probably seen this on porn films where the guy is pounding the life out of the girl and then he pulls out his cock and slaps her pussy with his cock.

This is all for show and looks very caveman and dominant.

However, it is a secret porn industry trick to desensitize your penis so you last longer.

Use this sparingly because pulling out every 30 seconds to do this looks a bit stupid.

This technique can also be used in conjunction with the first technique so you spend even longer outside of her pussy.

4) Grind into her – not thrust into her.

Most guys last longest when the woman is on top because she tends to grind back and forth and not pump up and down.How to last longer in bed

She is, of course, trying to stimulate her g spot, whether she is aware of this or not.

So you should replicate this grinding motion when you’re on top of her to decrease the sensitivity on your penis so you don’t cum too fast.

And as a bonus, this grinding style will increase the chance of her having a vaginal orgasm through intercourse.

5) Masturbate for longer periods without cumming.

For most guys having an orgasm when masturbating is a mad rush to cum and then get on with life.

Sadly this trains our bodies from a very young age to cum quickly when aroused.

This carries over from masturbation into sexual intercourse.How to last longer in bed

So when you masturbate don’t rush for the 2 minute orgasm.

Wait and bring yourself close to orgasm and then slow down, this is a longer term strategy but super effective in giving you control over your orgasms.

Have fun lasting longer in bed with these 5 secrets…

Once you have a clear head because you stop worrying about shooting your load too quickly you will start to build confidence in the bedroom.

However, you still need the technique to make her orgasm as much as she needs to feel sexually satisfied with you.

I will teach you all of my secrets in the ultimate step by step guide to sexually satisfying a woman.

How to make her cum through her clit, her g spot and how to make her so wet for you that she consistently initiates sex with you.

When you understand the female orgasm and master how to give women orgasms, you become the man that she never forgets.

You become the man she tells her girlfriends about and the man she wants to keep sleeping with even when other guys are hitting on her.

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