How To Go Down On A Woman Video

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4 mistakes men make in the bedroom that put her off sex

VIDEO – How To Go Down On A Woman Video Presentation. This video is a full length video demonstration to show you how to go down on a woman. Learn how to go down on a woman like a boss, with how to lick her clitoris and how to finger her wet pussy at the same time. I have to warn you you that with the information in this oral sex video you will make your woman orgasm. Remember that for a woman it is more about the journey that the destination. In other words it is more about how to bring her to orgasm than the orgasm itself. So the lead up to going down on her is very important and underrated by men. You should cover her whole body and lead up to licking her pussy as you kiss up and down her body but avoid touching her pussy for quite some time. Eventually when, you do go down on her and start munching her pussy you should stay away from her vagina hole and concentrate on near her clitoris. Eventually, go start licking and even nibbling the clit. This may be enough to make her orgasm from going down on her but if it isn’t then you can start to finger her pussy as well as lick her clit. You’ll need to concentrate on her g spot in order to maximize the sexual pleasure for her.