How To Give Oral Sex To A Girl

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VIDEO – How to give oral sex to a girl with a full oral sex demonstration video.

We aren’t taught how to give amazing oral sex to a woman in school. However, I’m going to award you a Masters degree in giving AMAZING ORGASMIC oral sex to a girl. You can do this tonight and blow her mind.

Watch this video demonstration so you know what to do before directly giving her oral sex. But once you start giving her oral sex you need to concentrate on two main areas. Firstly, her clitoris which is a small area above her vaginal hole and secondly her g spot which is about two inches inside her pussy hole.

The clit is generally the easiest way to make a girl orgasm during oral sex or any other sex act for that matter. women learn how to orgasm with the first thing they find and this is usually their clits. A simple circular motion around her clit is usually a good place to start also a vertical licking motion that touches only one side of her clit can be effective. Given the variation in the sensitivity of women’s clits, you need to try different things when giving her oral sex to what works best for each girl.

The g spot is the next step if she hasn’t cum yet. This requires fingering her with a certain motion, during oral sex, you can mix this up with her clit or try rubbing her g spot to give your mouth a rest.