How To Find The Clitoris Using A Model To Demonstrate

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How To Find The Clitoris. I’ll use this rubber model to show you how to find the clitoris on a woman’s body. Knowing where the clit is is very important because most women experience their first orgasm through the clit and it is the most obvious way to pleasure a woman. Finding the clit is quite simple because it is not inside the vaginal hole itself but above the vaginal opening. However given how insanely sensitive the clit is it requires its own hood which hides the clit for view. Make sure you are very careful when you pull back the hood to reveal the clit and remember if she is not aroused the clitoris will not be erect so it even smaller than the erect version. If she is aroused the clit is easily visible as you pull the hood back. Be careful though many women’s clits can’t take direct stimulation.