Get Dates And Find A Girlfriend Online Dating Guide For Men

FACT: 57% of men with online profiles receive no response from any women.

Just think about that. More than half of the men trying to meet women online never get a single response.

Just one simple response…….what about a consistent response? A consistent response from a desirable woman? Phone numbers? Dates? Sex? Girlfriends?

Before I found the secrets that I am about to share with you, I was a total failure at online dating. I was the 57%.

I mean I’m a good guy, ok looking, funny, fairly popular, pretty “normal”.

However, behind the scenes I was putting in a lot of effort to meet and be successful with women online. I was looking through girls profiles, trying to get dates.

I was spending hours writing emails to countless girls only to be disappointed with the response, or should I say the lack of response.

I didn’t realise how easy it should be. I mean I was getting the occasional date, getting laid every now and then, but usually not with women I really wanted.

I was sending out 30-40 emails and maybe getting 3 responses. Sound familiar?

Now I jump online any time and have several phone numbers within an hour.

Several dates in the next week and as much sex and as many potential girlfriends as I could ever imagine.

I only speak to the best looking girls and find about 70% respond to my emails.

What I am about to show you will change your life.

Below is the table of contents for this ebook.

Table of contents

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