Learn my best secret sexual techniques! You can now give your woman the intense sexual satisfaction that she deeply needs

I receive so many comments and emails from women.

Why do women contact me when I offer advice aimed primarily at men?

Because women are thanking me for teaching men how to be good at sex because their man doesn’t cut it in the bedroom.

The thanks I receive is often not just a simple thank you.

The thanks are more like a My man has no clue, you’ve saved my marriage or the you’ve made my lover into the man I wanted and needed, a man who knows what he is doing to me and my body kind of thanks.

This can happen to you too. You can satisfy your woman and I’m about to share a few ways to make this happen today

Women want a man to talk dirty to them and to be rough with them during sex. Not every time, but often. Yes, even good girls.
Giving a woman sexual pleasure is as much about emotion as it is about
These sexual acts all turn her on, she WANTS YOU TO BE THE DOMINANT MAN.

Actually, let me correct myself, it’s a need, not a want.

A woman needs a man who understands how her body works and who is able to give her intense full-body orgasms.

Every time you have sex with her, she wants to orgasm at least once.

If she says something like It’s ok I didn’t orgasm, it still felt good she is just being polite to you.

She wants to orgasm too but if she doesn’t? Then over time, she will want less and less sex with you.

Think about sex from her perspective

Imagine that your sex life was like this you get home from work, you feel a bit tired and a bit stressed.

Your woman answers the door and starts kissing you and ripping at your clothes.

She leads you into the bedroom and she gets on top of you and starts riding you.

She has an intense orgasm in about 2 minutes, she then stops lays down gives you a kiss then leaves the room.

HELLO what about ME???
Giving a woman sexual pleasure is as much about emotion as it is about
You haven’t even orgasmed yet! She doesn’t care????

Well, she might care but it isn’t obvious because this happens every time…

If this happens every time you have sex, what will you do?

Yes, you will see sex like she sees sex now.

You stop wanting sex and only have sex so she will leave you alone when she is wanting sex from you.

What else will happen in this situation? Heaps of masturbation and porn AND what else?

Maybe an affair with another lover? You don’t want to cheat but after years of sexual neglect and then the right opportunities come along, we know what can happen.

AND we both know how easy it is for a woman to get sex any time she wants it.

NEWS FLASH most men are terrible in bed so you don’t even need to learn much extra technique or find much extra information to be able to be better at sex than most other guys.

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