Learn the truth about women’s orgasms. The emotional response she has to you is more important for her orgasm than how you touch her

In school we learn about sexual anatomy and the basics of reproduction.

However, sadly we aren’t taught about how to sexually pleasure a woman and how to make a woman orgasm.

Men are just expected to know how to satisfy a woman.

Indeed even women just expect us to just know.

The obvious result is that most men have no real clue about how to satisfy a woman.

How to make girls orgasm and how to give her a deep feeling of sexual satisfaction.

This lack of sexual satisfaction often leads to a woman trying to switch off her sexuality so she doesn’t have to have sex with her man.

This tactic can work for a short time but won’t work in the long run because sexual satisfaction is an integral part of life satisfaction.

Women’s primal sexual desires are too strong to suppress over a lifetime.
why women cheat in relationships
Many women masturbate alone.

And I’m sad to say that many women cheat on their boyfriend or husband in order to get the sex that is required to make them feel satisfied.

I want to impress on you just how serious this is.

Women risk their marriage, children, financial support, negative social consequences and more just for good sex in the hands of another man.


Good news is that I have done the research for you.

I’m going to help you learn how to become the mind-blowing lover that she so desperately desires.

Time to understand orgasms.

Women and orgasms are actually very simple, you just need to know what to do.

Firstly, you need to stop your dependence on her clit for her orgasm.

It is easy and pleasurable but there are many other ways that give her an entirely different sexual experience.

A much deeper and more fulfilling orgasm.
why women cheat in relationships
Secondly, you need to realize that you can make her orgasm not just through her clit but also through her vagina, nipples and ass.

But the best way to make her orgasm is through turning her on enough with non physical foreplay so she has an orgasm with very little, if any physical touching.

A woman’s mental state determines their orgasm as much as what you are physically doing to her.

For most guys this makes no sense because from a guys view, sex is almost all visual and physical.

We want to watch our penis in her vagina. between her breasts in her mouth and we all want sex with the light on!

Men fail to understand that women are not wired like us sexually.

It isn’t the visual that makes them turned on as much.

So therefore men never unlock the sexual power of what I’m about to share with you.

I will now tell you one of my very best techniques, to make her orgasm

You need to get caveman with her to put her in an emotional state where she can have truly satisfying orgasms.

You need to use your male dominance to bring out her female submissiveness

Dirty talk, spanking, choking, biting, holding her hair in a firm grip so she can’t move her head are actions that all women want.

Yes ALL women like these things. NOT every time but sometimes.

These behaviors will put her in the sexual zone and put her in touch with her animalistic sexual instincts.

If you fuck her like every other guy has fucked her, she will act like she did with every other guy.

If you use these primal traits, she will respond in a sexually primal way.

It will bring out her inner sexual animal and she will be turned on in a way that she has no control over.

Yes, you have the control here. She will switch into animal mode and not be able to stop herself.

The result?

Never ending and intensely passionate sex, blow jobs and dirty sex. She will pretty much do what ever you want her to

Once you master these techniques (and it doesn’t take long) you can make her have several orgasms every time you have sex.

Guess what happens next??

She wants more sex and more sex and more sex

She will start to initiate sex, she will start to initiate oral sex, she will do ANYTHING to please you.

Simply because you are pleasing her in a way that she didn’t realize was possible.

You are now giving her a deep overwhelming sense of satisfaction and happiness in life.

She will now never cheat on you, she doesn’t need to because YOU ARE SEXUALLY SATISFYING HER.

So what are you going to do?

Do you want to be the guy that pleases your woman every time?

That guy who gets all of the sex?

The next step is simply to learn all about these techniques.

I spell everything out step by step so anyone can learn them quickly.

Grab a copy of my ebook that I have written for men. It’s based on all of my research, experience and feedback from women.

I’ll teach you how to introduce roughness and dirty talk and how to awaken these sexual animal spirits inside her.

I will lead you step by step with a foolproof guaranteed guide so you become her mind blowing lover.

So many guys are begging for sex from their girlfriends and wives, getting no blow jobs and living in sexual frustration.

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