So yeah, let’s be honest as we men get older our dicks don’t stay as hard for as long. There I said it.

It takes longer to orgasm but sometimes even shooting a load can be a lot of work.

Sometimes we go soft during sex or maybe while eating her out…especially when tired, a little drunk or wearing a condom.

And one thing is for sure we can’t keep getting hard over and over again during the night.

I had recently turned 40 and had been experiencing some softness and a decreasing ability to get hard again after ejaculating.

I had basically accepted it until (with the help of my bodybuilding friend) learned the secrets of a harder longer erection through various foods and supplements.

I share everything else with you, so I figure I may as well share these too.

I have had harder longer erections.

I can cum faster than before.

I can get hard again faster.
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