Body Language Mastery – Be The Most Attractive Man

Women rarely if ever take anything on face value.

They simply can not because people can and do lie.

A man can lie about his successes but women consider the way he behaves to

be much harder to lie about.

Thus she believes in her interpretations of his behavior.

Of course women want a confident man.

Confidence is a true indicator of previous life success.

This is a tried and true method for women and has yielded them great results in

the past.

Problem: many men lack confidence and it shows in their body language

and how they carry themselves.

Perhaps you can try to fake the body language of a confident man but she

will soon realize that you are a fraud.

This program is about improving your body language in order to improve your

real confidence.

This creates a positive reinforcement loop.

Your body language creates increased calmness in yourself which then makes

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you physically relax which then again feeds back into how you feel and so forth.

Maybe you have tried some pick up lines, maybe some pick up artist stuff too.

This stuff is just words so it does not really help because she can see right

through you.

Maybe you have sought some more mainstream dating advice?

They tell you to be yourself and to be “confident’.

Problem is that this stuff doesn’t really work too well.

Being “confident” is not something that you can just switch on.

Confidence flows from our own self perception.

A lot of this self perception is influenced by our own body language.

Research suggests that non verbal communication is responsible for between 60

and 93% of communication.

Hence a guy who is focused only on “what to say” is missing out on

communicating to women on a more comprehensive level.

Guess what?

Men can lie, hence women focus more on other indicators which you can’t lie


They read in between the lines.

That is, they observe the way you move, the way you talk, the way you react to

situations and so forth.

But this 60-93% range is actually an underestimate.

This is because people will often observe you before you open your mouth and


Women in particular are very good at subtly observing men of potential interest

and making a judgment on them based on their body language and the way that

they carry and present themselves.

Therefore, what you say becomes even less important than research suggests

because of the assumptions she has already made about your value as a man.

In other words, the feeling that you give off helps to set the scene for you.

In fact they are the real indicators that men and women alike take as the truth

about you.

Then, interestingly whatever comes out of your mouth doesn’t really matter as


For that reason this program is much more than just you being more attractive to


Although yes, you will find women respond to you in a very different way.

They will see you as a more attractive and valuable man.

Friends, family, business associates and random strangers will interpret you


When they treat you with more respect and in higher standing, this will feed

through to how you feel.

This is the missing piece that you have been looking for.

If you are like most guys who are trying to improve their dating results, you are

focused on what to say.

As if women are simple to just need a magic line and they want you.

This embarrassingly simple view of a woman’s attraction can only come from a

man who does not understand women.

Men who have attracted many women in their lives have a calmness about them.

That is, they do not consciously try or worry about what they are going to say.

This is the problem and why you haven’t really gotten anywhere with this idea.

Harsh reality check – people are treated in accordance to their “dating

market value”.

This is one of the core concepts that you must understand about life.

That is, if you are highly desirable to women, then men also treat you better and

your life will be altogether easier.

This is one of my most profound observations.

Everyone treats you with more respect, gives you more credit and cuts you

more slack.

This isn’t necessarily a conscious thing but it is a definite thing.

This applies to everyone, not just men.

The higher that anyone’s dating market value is, the better they are treated by

everyone in general life.

The more likely it is that you get the job.

The more likely it is that someone will help you.

The more likely it is that someone wants to be your friend.

Therefore, you have great incentive to improve your dating value.

Again this is not just for dating but for life.

For men, a lot of what makes their value high is how they present themselves

and how confident they are.

This program is designed to make you more confident and to present yourself


When I say be more confident, I mean real confidence, not some lame self help

mantra that doesn’t work.

Staring in front of the mirror and telling yourself – “I am confident” “I am confident”

rah rah.

This stuff is a whole heap of hot air and does nothing for you when you are put

under pressure in real life.

However, when you follow the information in this program, something real will


You will start to feel more relaxed in high pressure situations.

You will feel like you are more able to handle all kinds of different situations.

And this is something that makes a woman very attracted to a man.

This program is also designed to make everybody that you meet have more

respect for you and to see you as a man of higher value.

This all happens automatically.

People judge us so much on these factors because they tell the truth about us.

They are a reflection of how we feel on the inside.

Words can be used to lie but the other stuff can’t be faked.

This product is about dating but as you know I strongly believe that being

attractive to women is not a separate topic from your life.

You need to become that man, not to pretend to be that man.

Time for you to drop the pick up lines, the act, the pick up artist facade.

I have seen many men become “pick up artists” and they may even have some

modest success in terms of sleeping with women but their real problem goes


Outside of the artificial environment of a bar they go back to being a guy who

can’t naturally attract women into his life.

Living in this dishonest fantasy world leaves both you and the women that

you interact with short changed.

It is literally a lose-lose situation.

You don’t become that man that you want or that women want and women who

meet you get a pretender whom she ultimately doesn’t want either.

And for those living in the disney channel fantasy of “just be yourself and she will

love you for you”.


Sorry, but…


This is not how primal attraction works.

You have been taught a lie and believing this lie is immature and childish.

Women are attracted to you for what you are not who you are.

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