Best Way To Finger A Girl Video Tutorial

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VIDEO of the best way to finger a girl video tutorial includes where to touch her vagina and how to touch her vagina for her sexual pleasure. These exact video instructions teach you the best way to finger your girl to make it feel good for HER not just for you. Yes, the technique you use when fingering is important BUT you need to build up to fingering her as well. You want her to feel the anticipation of the act of you fingering her. You want her to imagine getting fingered by you before you touch her pussy. Then once you are going to touch her pussy you want to start with her clitoris which is above her pussy hole. Make sure you are very gentle touching around her clit in a circular rubbing motion. You can also place a finger either side of her clit and rub up and down. Once you start using these fingering techniques you will find the intensity of her sexual pleasure increase substantially. If you are struggling to make her orgasm from this you can insert 1 or 2 fingers into her pussy to start massaging her g spot at the same time. These two pussy fingering methods in order to sexually satisfy her and if you do these she’ll know that you know what you’re doing. Watch the video tutorial below to learn about the best ways to finger girls.