A Gentlemens Guide To Lasting Longer In Bed

Do you cum way too fast?

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20 minutes hard thrusting?

40 minutes hard thrusting?

60 minutes hard thrusting?

Hi Friend,

In college (we call it university) back in Australia my friends coined the term the minute man for me.

This was because of how fast I came during sex.

I basically lasted between 10 and 60 seconds EVERY time.

I LOVE Doggy style, but I just couldn’t do it because I would lose control of my orgasm so fast. I just couldn’t control it, I felt so turned on.

I tried to go slower or think of something else but nothing really worked to slow me down.

I became so self-conscious about it that I started to AVOID sex, especially if I really liked the girl.

Then one girl who I had really liked (but avoided having sex with because I was embarrassed about cumming so fast) started to believe that I didn’t like her because we didn’t have sex for the first month of dating.

After this, I started to avoid women altogether.

I didn’t want to meet random girls in bars or clubs.

I stuck to talking to my friends at parties. I built up huge anxiety and fear about having sex because I didn’t want to disappoint the girl I was with and I didn’t want her to think of me as less of a man.

A man who can’t satisfy her that leaves her secretly disappointed.

I thought of all of the lead up then getting her into bed then watching her face as I shot my load too fast. The let down for her and the disappointment in her eyes.

Girls would almost always say that is was fine and to not worry but I could see the truth in their face as I shot my load and left them sexually unfulfilled.

I started to feel isolated and that there was no way I could pleasure a woman the way she wanted to be pleasured. The way she needed to be pleasured.

Then I turned things around and learned to control my orgasm.

I am about to show you how it happened.

One day as per my daily ritual since I was about 13 I was masturbating to porn and as usual I shot in a minute or two.

Not as fast as with women, but still pretty fast. Then I had a light globe moment, it was like ooohhhhhhhhhh now I get it!

I realized I had been TRAINING myself for failure. Training myself to cum way too quickly.

However, I knew that if I stopped masturbating all together that I would cum even faster when I was with a woman.

After all, one of my homemade remedies for cumming too fast was to masturbate before meeting a girl.

This worked okay but only when I knew I was about to have sex.

I also realized something else. If I was cumming so much faster with a woman than when alone, there must be something psychological about cumming too fast.

Indeed thinking and worrying about cumming too quickly seemed to cause me to lose control of my orgasm even faster.

So my problem is both a physical and a psychological problem. Although I was in no state to be happy about this, I kind of felt relieved that it wasn’t something purely wrong with me.

How to get over the pre-sex anxiety and fear of having sex?
Reality check.

The truth is that most men have experienced shooting his load too quickly.

In fact I would say almost all men have been there at some stage in their life.

It is an unspoken thing while we all pretend that we all are like porn stars.

When in fact we are anything but, especially when we are young.

Why Men orgasm so quickly and what you can do about it

Let’s be straight here. Sex is really exciting but when you don’t know how to control your body, it becomes so exciting that you will lose control of your body and your orgasm.

Let’s be straight again when men masturbate we usually make ourselves cum very quickly.

We watch porn and masturbate.

Unbeknown to us we are training ourselves to orgasm quickly.

If you want to be a marathon runner and you practice by sprinting, how long will you last in a marathon?

When placed in front of a woman (which is far more sexually arousing than watching porn) after years of training to cum quickly, what do you think happens?

Yep, you lose control and cum very very quickly.

When I realised this it was like a light had gone off in my head.

I had tried heaps of short term fixes like:

1) Drinking alcohol

2) Masturbating before seeing a girl

3) And the worst thing trying to think of something else during sex.

4) Avoiding doggy style

5) Turning the lights out

6) Going slower

Yeah maybe they added a few seconds but seriously they made sex worse for me and worse for her.

I started experimenting with masturbation, pattern, rhythms and different strokes.

I started to connect with my emotional side at different points of the arousal cycle.

In short, I was a masturbating guinea pig for 6 months. I literally wrote all of my results down, then took all of the most successful parts and created a simple and easy to follow system.

This system connects my mind to my penis and I am able to control my orgasm.

woman having an orgasmHere’s the real trick and how I started being able to really and truly enjoy sex.

Because I was lasting longer, my confidence went up. I expected to last longer, I knew I would and I did.

I was still a little nervous the first few times I used it but soon enough I wanted to have sex with every woman I saw! Well, the cute ones ;).

Once I had my system in place I went from being low on confidence, avoiding sex and avoiding women who I wanted to have sex with to enjoying sex and having confidence in myself and not losing control of my orgasm so quickly.

I felt like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders. I felt like a real man again.

I was able to end the shame, frustration, humiliation and insecurity that had resulted from me cumming too quickly.

Now, I want to share my secret with you, because I hate to think you are going through what I went through.

It took me a lot of experimenting and training to cure my problem. It took even longer than it should have because of all the crappy advice I found online held me back and often sent me in the wrong direction.

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